Applying PR Research to V-Day

Worried about what to get your significant other on Valentine’s Day? Find out how to research that perfect present!images.jpg

In order to run a successful PR campaign, you have to start with extensive research. Research is the key to coming up with the most innovative and meaningful messages in a campaign. I believe the same can be said about finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone.

There are several kinds of research that need to be conducted in order to produce the most creative ideas and informed decisions. Primary research is your first-hand investigating. This is all the information you find for yourself and is unique to your client. Some examples could be interviews, surveys and observation.

Equally as important, secondary research is gathering information done by someone else. This is very important so as to prevent copying past campaigns or using an exhausted theme of a client. Examples of this include historical research, archival research, case studies and internet sources.

So this year as you’re preparing to buy your valentine something really great, use these research tools to il_680x540.890177077_mb33.jpgget them something they’ll love. The best gifts are the ones that show you know that person better than anyone and are truly tailored to their personality. If you’re exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day, this is obviously someone you should know pretty well (if someone you don’t know is expecting a gift on V-Day, you should probably just skip that date because they’re already too high maintenance.)

So how do you apply PR research to gift buying? Start with some secondary research. In your case, historical research could be finding out some past gifts they have received and noting whether they liked these presents or if they sat on a shelf in the closet. Then move to archival research, which in your case could be some social media scanning. Go back through old Facebook and Instagram posts to see what gifts were so worthy they got a social media shout out. This could put you on the right track to a well-received present!

Still in your secondary research phase, look to the all-knowing internet for some advice. Look up what the trendy gifts are this year and find creative ideas from other people on Pinterest or blog posts.

After this, move to your primary research. Start with simple observation as you and your significant other stroll through the mall. As they point out the things that catch their eye, take a mental note. This will show that you know them AND listen to them (a home run on Valentine’s Day!)

If you’re really sweating the shopping process you can do some in-depth primary research and interview their friends to get some fresh ideas on what to give. When you find something you think could be the perfect gift, hold a focus group of sorts and run it by all your friends to get their reactions.

While this may be more work than anyone wants to put into buying a present, it will surely result in the most meaningful and memorable Valentine’s Day gift your date has ever gotten. And if all else fails, you really can’t go wrong with chocolate!