A Letter to My Freshman Self

Dear Freshman Year Mackenzie,
So you packed everything you own and drove 8 hours from Kentucky to move into a small, plain dorm room with a total stranger for a roommate-and you couldn’t be more excited. Your parents just left and you realized for the first time that you don’t know anyone here and this school is actually huge. This is the mostsamford.jpg nervous you’ve been in your life but I’m here to tell you: it is going to be OK. In fact, its going to be great.

In the next four years, everything in your life will change. You have no idea how much of an impact Auburn, and the people in it, will have on you. You will join a sorority where you don’t know a single soul, you will start a major you don’t know too much about, you will hang out with a group of people you meet on the first day and you will begin a brand new stage of life.

You should first know, you are going to face some hard things. The family you left in Kentucky will fall apart and “home” will not look the same anymore. It will feel like the ground is falling from under you and it will greatly effect the next four years.

But you should also know that through all this, you will accomplish and grow more than you thought you were capable of. You will become the leader of that sorority you were worried you wouldn’t find a place in, you will fall in love with that major and the industry you are preparing for, that group from your first day at Auburn will be your best frie1208919_640752812621941_1112969328_nnds through every day of the next four years and you will end up at the end of this stage in life in awe of everything it gave you.

What you feel right now is fear, worry and unsteadiness; but deep down you’re here because you also feel faith. Trust me when I say that feeling is correct because you were brought to this exact place for plans you couldn’t have imagined.

Auburn is about to give you more than you’ll ever be able to pay back (yes, even more than that out-of-state tuition.) Auburn will prepare you for your career, it will give you a home when you feel like you’ve lost yours, it will provide you with friends that are so good you know don’t deserve them and it will challenge you to aspire to more than you thought you could.

Take in this amazing experience because soon you will find yourself where I am now. Its four years later, and I’m feeling that exact same anxiety you once felt in Sasnett Hall. Its the same overwhelming feeling of starting something new and unknown. Only this time, that little voice that was faint but sure, is so much stronger because you know how amazing the last leap of faith was and you’re willing to trust it again.

I’m sad to leave something so great; but I’m now walking with the knowledge, confidence and skills into the next stage of life knowing I can trust that little feeling of faith saying its going to be great. Look forward to all that’s coming in these v43Be7kkq0I9GzBUSA8oV79RywLaphLOUrH2E9GYDcE.jpgfour years (Beyonce will release TWO albums while you’re at Auburn-what more could you ask for?) and be grateful everyday that you were lucky enough to have these people, this education and this place in your life.

ps- try to eat more green things, there is no nutritional value in popcorn.
-Your Senior Self