Auburn Seniors Prepare for Post-Grad Life

How senior students are leaving Auburn,  ready for the work force.

I  believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully.
-The Auburn Creed

This line of the Auburn creed has proven to be a pillar of the Auburn experience for thousands of students every year. The Auburn experience is rooted in pride and tradition.

As a student, you are part of something bigger than yourself and there are so many great aspects of student life. Between football games, campus organizations and those famous Auburn restaurants there is never a dull moment on the plains. These things are part of the culture and overall experience of Auburn which is what makes it so great.

But above all else, as students we are seeking a college education to prepare and equip us for the next stage of our life.

As Auburn students, there is no fear of leaving unprepared for our future professions. Whether it’s through the career center or our coursework requirements, Auburn University sets its students up for success in the workforce.

Here, four Auburn seniors explain how Auburn led them to the next step after graduation.

Catherine DeMent, a marketing major, is starting a sales job in June after graduation and credits her preparation to her experience at Auburn. Through a combination of professor’s mentoring and specialized sales coursework Catherine is leaving ready to begin her career.
When asked about a specific way Auburn connected her to a job she said, “the career fairs through the college of business gave me multiple opportunities to talk face-to-face with my future employer, which was so helpful.”

Tom Taylor is a supply chain management senior who is a member of the ASCMA.

Regarding how this student organization has helped prepare him for a professional career he said, “it has greatly enhanced my knowledge of current supply chain events and issues as well as provided me with opportunities to communicate with professionals outside of school grounds through tours and conferences.”

Senior nursing student Emily Bianchi said, “due to Auburn University School of Nursing relationships with hospitals across the country I was able to precept in a hospital in Florida where I learned how to provide excellent pediatric care to each patient that came onto the unit. As I grew in knowledge and confidence my preceptor allowed me to assume the primary nurse role.”

She added, “the rigorous classroom curriculum and previous clinical experience which Auburn provided me prior to this experience allowed for a smooth transition from student nurse to a primary nurse role. This experience taught me how to become an excellent nurse and each lesson will be brought with me into my nursing career.”

As a chemical engineering student, Prianka Patel has accepted a job in Dallas after graduation. When talking about what was most helpful in preparing her for finding a job she said, “the professors I had were extremely helpful as well as having the opportunity to work in industry.”