125 Years of Auburn Women

This year marks the 125th anniversary of female students on the plains.

This is the year of Auburn women, marking 125 years of female students. In 1892, the first three female Auburn students started school and graduated in 1892 with honors. These pioneer students were Willie Little, Katherine Broun and Margaret Teague. Broun even continued to be the first female graduate student in 1894.
Even though opportunities for college education became available to these women and those who followed, there were still restrictions on their way of life on campus. They were expected to walk directly to and from class and there were no dorms available for housing on campus.

In 125 years, women at Auburn have come a long way. Auburn undergraduate population is about 49% women, programs and organizations exist to promote women like the Women’s Leadership Institute, Women in Business, Women in Science and Engineering Institute, WINGS, and the Women’s Philanthropy Board among others.
The Women’s Resource Center puts on multiple programs each year promoting healthy body image and sexual assault awareness
To celebrate this anniversary, the Auburn Alumni Association is highlighting great Auburn women and their impact on the world. On the website you can read spotlights featuring female graduates from a variety of years which highlight how they paved the way for other women at Auburn or have tremendous pro

Katherine Broun
Katherine was not only one of hte first three female students at Auburn but was also the first female graduate student as well. Broun was the daughter of the president of Auburn from 1882-1902.

Margaret Teague
Teague was also admitted in 1892 and graduated with honors. She came to Auburn from Arkansas to live with her aunt after her mother died.

Willie Little
Little received a bachelors degree in 1894. She was the daughter of the mayor of Auburn.

These are women who paved the way for female students at our University. Because of their courage and determination, thousands more have followed in their footsteps. Today, there are women graduating Auburn and greatly impacting the world and we can credit the continuing progress to three young women who challenged the status quo.

“Its amazing to get to see  all the accomplishments women have made at Auburn by celebrating this anniversary. I love that Auburn is highlighting the capabilities of female students from the past and present.”
-senior Meghan Finney